Tuesday, 12 July 2011

coming soon

dance showcase 1st official trailer


sem breaks  is almost at the end
ramadhan is around the conner
as the admin of this blog wish all the student of dance department and all the muslim in the world
happy becoming ramadhan

hope to see u guys when the class open
hoping that all dance student will improve whether in academy or skill 
so shared what you got

until soon,
prepair yourself  for becoming event this 2011/2012 session...

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Dance Showcase 2011 ... boOOoommmMMMmmmm

It was superb , outstanding , much better , improve and many more.
That was the feedback from the audience ,good job to all production crew, lectures ,dancer and choreographer. Special thanks to postgraduate student who help us to perform in this showcase. Also special thanks to all supporter ,we really appreciate it. But still there's a lot of thing that we need to improved in future. A big applause for dancers who did well for the show. Proud of u guys, until next time ...

special thanks to Zerul for this wonderful photo

Thursday, 31 March 2011


Dance Department University Malaya is proud to present Dance Showcase 2011, an end semester program which features dance performances by the Degree and Master students of the Dance Department. 

Date : Friday, 8 April 2011...
Venue : Perdanasiswa Complex Auditorium, University of Malaya
Time : 8.30pm

A variety of dance performances such as Tarian Asli, Tarian Klasik India, Chinese Dance and contemporary pieces, ranging from different cultures and backgrounds, both local and international will be presented on this one night only event. 

FREE admission, everyone is invited!

It's FREE ADMISSION!! Come over to support us ya!!

Monday, 21 March 2011

The Repertoire

Dance Showcase Repertoire 2011

1st Segment

Tarian Klasik Melayu

1) Buka Panggung - Mengadap Rebab
    Dancers - Teo, Wana, Ela, Adeline, Haryati, Queency, Flora, Marleny (Drama tutor)


Tarian Pergaulan Melayu
1) Asli - Siti Payung
    Director - Hamid Chan
    Dancers - Hafzan Zainie, Raja Baizura

2) Inang - Tari Selendang
    Director - Hamid Chan
    Dancers - Flora, Teo, Queency, Haryati, Homana
                   Syed, Syaffiq, Farif, Nur Syafik, Ezhairie

3) Zapin (Master Students)
    Director - Khairulazhar
    Dancers - Khairulazhar, Shahfezal, Hafzan Zainie, Rithuddin Kadir
                   Azura Abas, Nurul Akma, Murni Ahmad, Lim Siew Ling

4) Zapin - Padang Sari (Degree Students)
    Director - Kak As
    Dancers - Ela, Adeline, Wana, Neera
                   Farif, Syaffiq, Ezhairie, Nur Syafik, Syed Rizalee, Dino

5) Joget (Master Students)
    Director - Khairulazhar
    Dancers - Khairulazhar, Shahfezal, Hafzan Zainie, Rithuddin Kadir
                   Azura Abas, Nurul Akma, Murni Ahmad, Lim Siew Ling

6) Tarian Renggong Manis (Indonesia)
    Director - Fitria
    Dancers - Fitria, Haryati, Queency, Adeline


Tarian Etnik Sabah dan Sarawak (Malaysia Timur)
1) Tarian Sarawak - Saga Lupa (Datun Julud)
    Director - Dino
    Dancers - Teo, Malar, Wana, Ela, Flora

2) Tarian Sabah - Sazau Papar
    Director - Hamid Chan
    Dancers - Fitria, Adeline, Haryati, Queency, Homana, Sunitha
                   Nur Syafik, Arthur, Ezhairie



Tarian Cina, India dan Antarabangsa
1) Tarian Klasik India
    Director - Malar
    Dancers - Farif, Syaffiq, Syed, Cindy

2) Tarian India (FESTKUM)
    Director - Dino
    Dancers - Dino, Syed Rizalee, Deelani

3) Tarian Cina (FESTKUM)
    Director - Poh Gee
    Dancers - Teo, Cindy, Hoi Meng, Adeline, Shin Hui

4) Tarian Cina (China)
    Dancer - Li Lu (Master Student)



1) Jazz
    Director - Revathi
    Dancers - According to class

2) Tech 2
    Director - Nur Ann
    Dancers - According to class

3) Tech 3
    Director - Poh Gee
    Dancers - According to class

4) Tech 4 + Komposisi dan Improvisasi
    Dancers - According to class

*MC  ( THE END )